segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2013

Night Club Disaster in Brazil

Just to keep you informed about the key points regarding the night club Kiss disaster in Santa Maria, Brazil, in January 27th, 2013.

Casualities: The number of deaths till now is 235 / 121 people are in hospital in intensive care. (12:30h - January 30th). 

1. Fireworks
The band in his presentation seems to have fire hand flare (or something like that). That set fire on the selling.

2. Crowd
The crowd inside the night club seems to be over its maximum occupancy. The numbers haven't been published yet.

3. The Staff toke a long time to respond
Initially the staff didn't allow the users to run away because they thought that they were not willing to pay. It seems that the staff didn't respond to the fire the way they were supposed to do.

4. There no emergency exit.
There were just one door for ingress and egress. This door if totally open have 3m.

5. Extinguishers
A few didn't work properly.

6. Exit Signals
The exit signals seems that weren't enough. A lot of casualties were found in the toilets. It seems that they took a wrong way and get there.

7. Legal Issues
It seems that the permit of the night club was good just till August 2012. They were applying for a new one.

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